AAERT Membership & Certification Matters!

BlueLedge is proud to be an AAERT-approved training center that prepares
students for national certification in digital court reporting and legal transcription. 

Learn more about the benefits of AAERT membership and certification below.


Become part of something special, a gathering of people together with common interests, skills, experiences, and questions working together to improve the industry and to help each other succeed.

Let your voice be heard. As a member of AAERT, you are able to nominate and vote for AAERT board members. Be a part of deciding who your industry influencers and decision-makers are.

Dress to impress? This is more than that. Show you are serious about your career and proudly display your membership status to peers, hiring professionals, clients, and even those peering in to see what the digital reporting buzz is all about.

Invest in yourself and your future. Joining AAERT opens limitless opportunities to grow your career. As a member you can volunteer with people you would never have met otherwise, become part of influencing the present and future path that your industry is paving, and become eligible for prestigious awards highlighting our profession.

Every membership helps AAERT increasingly display the presence, importance, and viability of what we do to legislative leaders and decision-makers. Contribute to the future of your own career; don’t just watch and hope that others can secure it without you.

Being a member of AAERT gets you special discounts and rates on many of the products and services you use and need for your career and daily life; computers, CEUs, insurance, and software savings are just a few things you will be able to utilize.

AAERT membership opens the way for you to learn more directly from industry leaders.  Opportunities to further your professional knowledge set will provide you with additional breadth and depth to your skill set and offerings as a professional.  Be seen.
Be heard. Be involved. Be Noticed!



What Certifications Can I Earn? 

Established in 1995, AAERT’s ongoing certification programs for electronic court reporters and transcribers test their members’ professional knowledge and skills.

  • CER® (Certified Electronic Court Reporter)
  • CET® (Certified Electronic Transcriber)
  • CDR®  (Certified Deposition Reporter) – BRAND NEW!


Why Get AAERT Certified?

Receiving and holding an AAERT certification designation demonstrates a continuous dedication and knowledge of the digital court reporting and transcription profession. Completing the AAERT certification process represents proof of your professionalism and an understanding of your trade.



BlueLedge is proud to be an AAERT-approved training center that prepares students for national certification in digital court reporting and legal transcription.  Our program has passed a rigorous evaluation process by the AAERT to ensure the highest quality education for our students.

Click through to learn more about our CDR, CER and CET Prep Courses as well as our extensive library of CEU opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job opportunity?

There is a growing demand for court reporters and transcribers in the court systems as well as by private firms across the United States and the world. The nature of the court reporting and transcribing industry is that you truly can work anywhere, as there are always needs.

What defines a good digital court reporter?

Court reporters should be customer service focused, organized, capable of conducting different work in a variety of environments with people from a diverse background and capable of utilizing the legal knowledge gained through BlueLedge.

What does AAERT approval mean?

BlueLedge has passed a rigorous evaluation process by the nationally recognized governing association for digital/electronic reporters and legal transcribers to ensure the highest quality education for our students.

What defines a good legal transcriptionist?

Legal transcriptionists should be detail oriented, have a firm grasp of the English language, organized, capable of sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time while listening to audio with the legal knowledge gained through our training courses.