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  • I was pleasantly surprised with the feedback I received throughout the Transcription Basics course. My instructor, Sharon, thoroughly reviewed each of my transcription assignment submissions and provided detailed feedback on how I could improve. Throughout numerous CEU courses across several certifications, I’ve never received such consistent and helpful feedback! -Andrew W.

  • This is an excellent course. The staff is dedicated to helping students succeed in the course, as well as in the field. -Reuben George

  • BlueLedge has great quick tips. My course included a warm-up to the court system. The course builds upon itself so you are prepared for the bigger details and knowledge found as you move through the course. -T. Bellamy

  • The Covering Court and Large Proceedings course was well done! It was easily understood and progressed systematically through the material in digestible chunks of information. The follow-up questions were well thought-out and on par with the material from which they were pulled. The interspersing of graphics, live video, and links to YouTube keeps the user engaged and the material interesting and relevant. -Michelle Baden, Sr. Region Manager, U.S. Legal Support

  • Sharon, my instructor, was very helpful and kind. She genuinely helped me learn. I feel much more confident in my transcription skills after working with her and after completing this course. -Brooke

  • As a hairdresser/salon owner for 21 years, I must be crazy going to school for digital reporting, right? I’m loving it! The support from Kristin Dwyer, my instructor, is fabulous. This program is built for success. Excited to see what’s in store for my second career. -Jessica Skeens

  • The BlueLedge course is very well done. If one takes the necessary time to follow the instructions properly, they really are set up to be successful. I was especially pleased with the unexpected help I received when I was feeling pressure to have the course completed. The staff is really dedicated to helping those who are serious about becoming skilled in this field. – Reuben George

  • Working with my instructor, Natalie, was a pleasure. I feel as though I was able to reach out regarding my concerns and receive a response in a timely manner. She was very good at explaining why things were incorrect and helped to keep me on track to improve. -Robin

  • I wanted to give a massive thank you to my instructor, Natalie. She is a great instructor. She has a passion for her work and it is really refreshing to see. -Tisha Laurencin

  • I benefit greatly from BlueLedge webinars. They are educational, inspirational, and keep me grounded in my new second career as a legal transcriber. I am an AAERT Certified Electronic Transcriber (CET), and I consider BlueLedge as an integral part of my legal transcription and court reporting education. -Sandra T.

  • I really enjoy BlueLedge courses for continuing education credits. They are informative, well-prepared, user-friendly courses that keep you engaged and hold your interest! Definitely recommend! -L. Lewis

  • After working in the legal field for a couple of years, I set a goal for myself to get my AAERT certification. I searched for a class to prepare me for the tests better. Once I found BlueLedge, I signed up for the Legal Transcription course. The courses were easy to follow. My instructor provided great feedback on the transcription assignments to learn from the mistakes I was making. I know, without a doubt, that the knowledge I gained from BlueLedge helped me pass my AAERT exams on the first try for both the knowledge and practical exams. -J.M.

  • Until BlueLedge came along, we didn’t have a good source for courses like the ones they offer. It’s ideal to hear from fellow court reporters and see how my experiences compare with theirs and get new ideas from them. I’m always looking for ways that I can do things better. The courses prepared me well for certification and I passed the AAERT exam. I enjoyed that the course was online and self-paced. I could not take courses if they didn’t offer this convenience and at my own pace, especially since I am often in reporting jobs that push past 5:00 pm. -Judy Grill, CER, LER

  • I took the BlueLedge AAERT certification course and I would recommend it to anyone interested in legal solutions. Whether you’re in your twenties or sixties, like myself, it’s as informative as you’ll get in an online course. My instructors did not delay in answering questions or concerns and this prepared me for my certification. A bonus was that I was able to go at my own pace. Very excited to be a working digital reporter. Kudos to the BlueLedge staff. -Rita DeBlasio

  • I would like to thank BlueLedge for allowing me to be a part of their team. From my own court case to fighting to overcome COVID, BlueLedge was there with me through it all. And a special thanks to one of my instructors, Kristin Dwyer, RPR. She was the shining light in my darkness. I am so grateful to have you on my team. Thanks, BlueLedge. -Leola Thompson

  • Anytime I reached out to my BlueLedge instructors, they were amazing and quick to respond. If they didn’t have the answer right away, they would find it and reach back out to me as soon as possible. I never once felt like I couldn’t talk with them, and they always treated me with kindness! – A. Larington

  • I kick-started my digital reporting career by taking BlueLedge’s Introduction to Digital Reporting course. It was a terrific entry point into the field. I was curious about switching careers from a background in writing and editing to the legal services field. Enrolling in the course proved to be a wise decision because I’m now working fully as a digital court reporter. The coursework was vital in helping me understand the important roles a digital reporter plays in a deposition setting, a courtroom setting, and elsewhere. I also believe that it was a great first step in preparing me to become certified as a CDR with AAERT by emphasizing important terminology, recording techniques, and other vital knowledge-based tools one has to have in their arsenal for the job. – Maureen Moody, CER

  • I am extremely thankful that I chose BlueLedge for my career change from medical to legal transcription. It has been an amazing, smooth, and enjoyable journey taking this online course. I appreciate my instructor for all the timely responses to my questions and her expertise, which has prepared me for success. Thanks! – Leslie

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    BlueLedge, a legal classroom, is a leader in online training for legal professions. We are proud to offer training programs that are accessible from around the world, on any device and at your own pace. Our knowledgeable team of instructors strives to provide the highest quality, legal focused, training available. With over 106 years of combined industry experience, our instructors use their connection to industry partners and insight into legal trends to craft and continually improve our training curriculum.

    Seeing an opportunity in the court reporting industry, due to a shortage of qualified professionals, BlueLedge launched its court reporting and legal transcription training programs.  

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