How Certification Can Improve Earning Potential

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Having letters after your name is a true honor and often illustrates months, if not years, of hard work, commitment, and mastery of a skill. For instance, I am a Certified Electronic Reporter (CER).  These letters, and the certifications or degrees that go with them, can open opportunities and give you a boost in earning potential and credibility.


Employers know what to expect from a candidate with credentials. Generally, a certification program brings with it a certain set of industry-recognized standards by which anyone who is certified must demonstrate the ability to meet.  As a CER, certified by the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT), I was tested on my proficiency and knowledge of the craft of digital court reporting.

Certification shows commitment to your craft and dedication to the industry that you work in. Companies that hire you either as an employee or contractor want to know that you are in this for the long haul.  By obtaining certification and investing both the time and financials needed to do it, they know you are someone they can rely on to do the work.

Gain credibility among those to whom you provide a service.  When an attorney sees that I am a CER, they know that I am going to do a quality job and be professional. They understand that I took the time to become a better professional and follow industry standards.


Become part of a community and use that network to secure more work.  Other certified people want to know that if they are going to share work with you that you are ready to handle it.  That is why it is common for people who hold certifications to look within their own network for others certified by the same organization to help them.

Open your availability to work in digital court reporting and legal transcription. Many court systems and government agencies require certification.  By getting certified, you are opening up a whole new revenue stream.

Get paid more because you are worth more.  Many companies will give their employees or contractors a bonus for becoming AAERT certified.  This could be an increase in page rate, more money per assignment, or an increase in their salary.


If you are a digital court reporter or legal transcriber, AAERT offers its Certified Electronic Reporter and Certified Electronic Transcribers certifications.  To learn more about these industry-recognized certifications, go to

If you need training to get certified as a legal transcriber or digital court reporter, check out our AAERT approved courses at

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