Court Reporting for Any Capture Method


This course provides information every court reporter should know, no matter their capture method. 

This 30-hour course provides students with a thorough understanding of how to cover court and non-court proceedings; the basics of the legal system; and court reporting professional, ethical, and confidentiality requirements. 

Any type of court reporter can take this course, including stenographic, voice, and digital capture methods. This course DOES NOT train on software/equipment used to capture the record. This means there is no training on theory/shorthand, no training on a stenotype machine, no training on a stenomask, and no training on digital reporting equipment. Also, this is not a transcription course, but there are some transcript tips within. If interested in transcript formatting, check out our Deposition Fundamentals course. 

This course is entirely online and does not include hands-on training.

(30 hours / 3.0 CEUs)

Course Preview 

  • Module 1: Professionalism in the Legal System
    • Part 1: Professionalism & Decorum
    • Part 2: Ethics
    • Part 3: Maintaining Confidentiality
  • Module 2: Legal System & Litigation Support Services
    • Part 1: Courts & Law
    • Part 2: Life Cycle of a Case
    • Part 3: Types of Proceedings
    • Part 4: Types of Court Reporters
    • Part 5: Litigation Support Services

Course Fee: $345

  • Module 3: On the Job & On the Record 
    • Part 1: Before the Proceeding
    • Part 2: During the Proceeding
    • Part 3: After the Proceeding
    • Part 4: Remote & Hybrid
    • Part 5: Beyond Basic
  • Module 4: Court Work & Large Proceedings
    • Part 1: Intro to Courtroom Procedures
    • Part 2: Types of Court Proceedings
    • Part 3: What Gets Transcribed
    • Part 4: Large Proceedings


BlueLedge is an AAERT-approved training center, preparing students for national certification in digital court reporting and legal transcription.