Angela Smith, CCR, GRL, LERT

  • Cleveland, Georgia
  • October 17, 2022

Company Information

I am a superior court official reporter.  I have been reporting for 21 years.  I am looking for someone who can handle about one to two hours of audio transcription per week, mainly consisting of guilty pleas and probation revocations.  I would like to work with one person, possibly two people.  I have proofers/scopists who I've worked with for ten years.  I still use those people, but need a little extra help with transcription as my work volume is increasing.  I prefer all documents to be finalized in Word Perfect.  Guilty pleas will be easy to transcribe -- you can set up many "macros" or "word expanders" because the same words and phrases are used over and over from one plea to the next.  I will pay within 48 hours of receiving an invoice.  Please e-mail me with your interest/availability/qualifications.  Thank you.  - Angie Smith

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