team of professionals considering changing course and careers that transition into become a digital reporter

Changing Course: Careers that Transition into becoming a Digital Reporter

team of professionals considering changing course and careers that transition into become a digital reporter

Although the career of digital court reporting may be new to many, digital court reporting has been around for over 25 years. The American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (“AAERT”) met for the first time in 1994 when 75 industry representatives met to formally inaugurate AAERT. Since then it has become the fastest-growing method of court reporting in the nation. Now with a deficit of over 10,000 court reporters in the workforce, companies are recruiting people with a variety of different industries and interests?”.

A great digital reporter needs many talents and an interest in the law, music, video games, etc. can provide a great jumping point for their new career.

For people interested in these fields, digital reporting can be an easy and very lucrative transition.  Let’s take a look at a few:

Creative and multi-media fields like a Videographer, DJ, or Musician

Those who are employed in the creative arts, especially ones focused on multi-media, are ideal candidates for becoming a digital court reporter. Many of these individuals have flexible work hours or work during non-standard business hours like at night and on the weekends. Instead of supplementing their passion with low paying jobs, their creative souls can earn good money in a professional career that also offers the flexibility they need. Plus, with the high utilization of virtual proceedings that are taken down by digital reporters remotely, these creatives can have access to stability now and into the future.

Customer Service and Hospitality Jobs like a Customer Service Rep, Help Desk Associate, or Concierge

A key aspect of digital court reporting is interacting with other professionals and offering them the highest level of customer support. The goal is for them to want to use your services in the future. Merritt Gilbert, Instruct at BlueLedge, teaches her students that “the number one compliment a court reporter can receive is to be specifically requested again by a client.” Those who work in the fields of customer service and hospitality understand this and know how to provide this level of service. Additionally, those working in this field often have a high level of attention to detail, which is important when managing legal proceedings.

Information Technology and Technical Careers like an IT Specialist, Computer Store Guru or Tech Support

Those that already have a strong foundation in the usage of computers are ideally suited for this profession. Although a digital court reporter will not be disassembling a server or troubleshooting the latest operating system update they will see a benefit from their computer savvy when using the digital recording programs and setting up the hardware used at a proceeding. Digital court reporters who go on-location need to be ready to adapt to the environment they are in and adjust their equipment set up accordingly.

Legal Professions like Legal Assistants, Paralegals, and Office Administrators

Experience in the legal industry is not required but very helpful. Those who have either gone to school for or worked in the legal profession have a leg up on understanding the legal process. Knowing what a deposition, hearing, notice, and objection mean will make learning the profession a bit easier.  But, unlike other legal careers being a digital court reporter provides you the flexibility to set your schedule and work when it is suitable for you.

If you do not have a background in one of the areas mentioned in this article don’t fret, digital court reporting is a rewarding career for those looking for more out of the gig economy, those looking to work in the stability of government, or just anyone who is in need of a career change.

So, do you think you have what it takes to be a great digital court reporter? Learn more about our AAERT approved training programs that get you ready for the Certified Electronic Reporter exam at


benjamin jaffe Manager of Digital Training and Development BlueLedge

Benjamin Jaffe is the Manager of Digital Training and Development for BlueLedge

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